Saturday, July 9, 2011

Why I started this blog

I started house/pet sitting for people about 2 years ago I guess it was. My friend has been doing it for years, and I could use the extra cash so I started telling people at work. My first job went easy as could be. Everything after, if it could happen, it has. Almost every job I have had since has been an adventure in some way. I have always kept a photo album with pictures of every animal I have watched, so I figure, why not keep as blog about them too? My jobs have picked up drastically since I started. I now watch everything from a lady with 5 cats in an apartment, to a 180 pound Great Dane, to a tiny chihuahua with a chip on its shoulder towards every one but me to two Australian Shepard's that are in dire need of an intervention with the Dog Whisperer or an exorcism from a priest; I'm not sure which would help more. I am leaving out names or changing them since I work with most of the people, but the stories are 100% true. I couldn't make up stuff like this at my drunkest. So I hope to get some followers, some fellow pet/house sitters, and we can talk about our adventures and maybe help each other out with problems.